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Picnic Package

Introducing the Picnic Package: a delightful assortment tailored for outdoor gatherings and casual feasts. This curated selection features savory Patties for grilling, flavorful Pork Brats, Chicken Brats, Chicken Sausage, OG Smoke Sticks, Jalap. Smoke Sticks, and Jerky for snacking. Whether you're planning a picnic in the park or a backyard barbecue, each item promises delicious convenience and hearty enjoyment. Perfect for creating memorable moments with family and friends, the Picnic Package ensures your outdoor dining experience is filled with flavor and fun.


Patties x2

Pork Brats x1

Chicken Brats x1

Chicken Sausage x1

OG Smoke Sticks x2

Jalap. Smoke Sticks x2

Jerky x2


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