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From Pasture to Plate

Explore Our Range of Pasture-Raised Beef!

Get ready to taste the difference with our pasture-raised beef! From the lush pastures to your plate, we’ve got you covered with quality you can trust. Dive into our selection and savor the goodness of beef that’s been raised right.

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How It Works

Pasture with cows in it with a lake in a background

We Source

We’re proud to say that all our beef, chicken, pork, and other goodies come straight from our own farm and neighboring local farms. It’s all about keeping it fresh, local, and oh-so-delicious!

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You Choose

Ready to shop? Hop onto our online store, browse through our selection, and simply add your desired items to your cart. It’s as easy as that!

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We Pack

Sit back and relax! Our dedicated team will carefully pack your order and prep it with care. Swing by our farm store for a friendly in-person pickup!

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You Enjoy

All of our items come flash frozen and we cannot wait for you to serve them to your family and enjoy amazing meals together.


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Get 8-50 lbs of diverse meats – beef, chicken, pork, and more – delivered to your doorstep for ultimate convenience!

Hometown Honey

Our honey is locally sourced to ensure that all its nutritional benefits remain intact, straight from our own region.

100% Pasture Raised Beef

Savor the superior quality of our 100% Pasture Raised Beef. From lush green pastures to your plate.

Shop Our Steaks

From succulent ribeyes to tender filet mignons, our steaks promise exceptional quality and flavor.

Organic Chicken

Raised in open pastures and fed a diet of organic grains and vegetation, our chickens develop a rich, robust flavor that sets them apart.

Shop Pork

From succulent chops to tender roasts and flavorful sausages, our shop pork selection offers something for every taste and occasion.

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The Story Behind

Little Springs Cattle Co.


Little Springs Farm has been home to high-quality beef cattle for decades, with various types of operations taking place over the years. There’s a rich history of champion bulls and dams grazing these hills. Only in recent years has Little Springs Cattle Co. come to exist, with a steadfast mission to put our grass-fed beef in the hands of the surrounding community. Our onsite farm store found success in the height of a most uncertain year — 2020. The overwhelming, immediate community support we felt is what built up the momentum that has carried us to where we are today, and it’s what will continue to help us grow into the vision we have for our future.

At Little Springs Cattle Co., we take pride in doing right by our cattle and by our community. This means raising cattle in wide open spaces, allowing them the highest quality forage, and tending to every detail of their lives to ensure they have the best care. It also means going the extra mile to put beef of impeccable quality in the hands of the people who look to us to feed them. Local food systems are good for farmers, good for consumers, and good for communities. Whether you’re shopping in our farm store, ordering online for pickup, or having our products shipped to you, you can take pride in your purchase. There’s peace in knowing that while you’re purchasing some of the best beef on the market, you’re also supporting local agriculture, which ultimately strengthens our community as a whole.

Customer Testimonials

Took my time and have tried most cuts of meat from my order before posting. I got a half cow as I was tired of the quality of meat at most local groceries. While it was pricey, it has been the best purchase. Even from frozen everything has been tender and quality. It’s so fresh that thawing and using as needed is way more flexible.

Even if you aren’t interested in a large order you can buy individual cuts from their store!
However, if you are looking to make a large order (half or whole cow) it’s so easy. The owner walks you through the whole process and is very thorough and informative. You will be shown each cut if needed if you aren’t privy to more uncommon cuts. Many ways to customize an order to your liking as well. Even through any minor issues the owner was very pleasant and did her best to come through.

They will have my continued business once I can finish my order!

Google Review: Liz

“I love buying my beef and chicken from Little Springs Cattle Co, Just knowing where the beef is raised and supporting our local businesses just feels right and its all been delicious!!!!! Will continue to keep my freezer stocked. Thank you!!!!”
Google Review: D.E.
“Hands down, best steaks I’ve ever eaten. The Kabob meat is one of our go-to favorites. But they’re also a great place to find other local, fresh agricultural products. And they are so helpful and suggesting ways to prepare the different cuts… Can’t beat this local Farm Store!”

Google Review: Terri Fullerton
Great place, very helpful to you with selecting meats and pricing, friendly, the meat is so tender and delicious, helped with free recipes and made you feel appreciated

Google Review: Debbie Worthy 

Great place, very helpful to you with selecting meats and pricing, friendly, the meat is so tender and delicious, helped with free recipes and made you feel appreciated

Google Review: Debbie Worthy 

Best meat around. I’ve always had a pleasant experience with the super helpful and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend!
Google Review: Jessica Tate 

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